A Clean Chimney is Essential for Safety and Efficiency

If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, you also have a dirty chimney – the two simply go hand in hand. As wood burns, the combustion process produces solid byproducts that build up in your chimney or flue pipe as a black, sticky layer that is highly combustible, and the only way to get rid of it is through regular cleaning.

Chimney cleaning – or sweeping as it’s more properly known – is a matter of physically brushing the inside of the chimney to dislodge the built-up material. How often you do this depends in large part on your burning habits: If you habitually damp the fire down and deprive it of oxygen so that it will burn longer, the result is a lot more smoke that contains a far greater amount of partially burnt solids. These solids will build up rapidly, so the chimney will probably require cleaning at least every year. On the other hand, chimneys that see hotter fires that burn the wood more completely may need cleaning less often.

Chimney Cleaning

Our trained professionals will thoroughly clean your entire chimney from top to bottom. Then they will clean out your fireplace or stove. Have a wood stove insert? Professional Chimney Sweeps’ technicians have the proper tools to remove your unit, clean and replace it, with no damage to your hearth. Our industrial vacuums set us apart from other companies that use shop vacs. Our attention to detail ensures that there will be no soot left in your home!

Do you need to schedule a cleaning for your chimney or unit?

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